Episode 1

Episode 1

Happy (belayed) 1st birthday!


More or less one year ago, in October 2015, my web site www.sofiadiniz.com was born and brought into the light of the Internet.

At that time that was quite a big step for me and, honestly, I only did it because I was applying for a scholarship and a web site was kind of mandatory. So that was the push I was needing to finally, after years of postponing it, create and upload my web site.

I did not get that scholarship. But, hey!… my web site was now existent and online and, best of all, I finished that long year postponement. That felt really good.

Before that, I struggled many years back and forth between the feeling “I should create a personal web site” and the doubt “is it too pretentious to present myself publicly? Who will possibly be interested in me, my projects, concerts or ideas? Why should I occupy internet space just to make myself visible out there?” This and other self-destructive thoughts and doubts were keeping me from just doing it and, to say the truth, they still haunt me, even if I start to recognize that these are just useless, unhealthy thoughts, we all should ban from our minds. Fact is, after that great moment of actually having accomplished it and being able to share my web site, I have neglected it almost completely and started a new postponement: maintaining my web site!

Now, one year later, I look back and remember the satisfaction I felt while pushing through all those doubts arising along the way and finish it even if it was not yet perfect. Just doing it. That was such an important experience, such a big lesson and so new to me.

So here it is. My imperfect web site. My simple web site. My incomplete web site with still a long way to go. And although it’s so small I already learned so much from it. That’s why I decided to give it some attention, some gratitude in the form of this little written episode.